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Ependymal Tumours

Ependymal Tumours usually begin in cells that line the spaces in the brain and around the spinal cord. These spaces contain cerebrospinal fluid, a liquid that cushions and protects the brain and spinal cord. Grades of ependymal Tumours include the following:

  • Grade I and grade II ependymomas: These ependymomas grow slowly and have cells that look very much like normal cells. They can often be removed completely by surgery.
  • Anaplastic ependymoma (grade III): Anaplastic ependymomas grow very quickly.

Treatment of grade I and grade II ependymomas is usually surgery with or without radiation therapy.

Treatment of anaplastic ependymoma may include the following:

    1. Surgery plus radiation therapy.
    2. A clinical trial of surgery followed by chemotherapy before, during, and after
      radiation therapy.
    3. A clinical trial of chemotherapy and/or biologic therapy.





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