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Meningeal Tumours

Meningeal Tumours form in the meninges, thin layers of tissue that cover the brain and spinal cord. Types of meningeal Tumours include the following:

Grade I meningioma: Meningiomas are the most common meningeal tumour. Grade I meningiomas are slow-growing and benign. They are found most often in women.


Grade II and III meningiomas and hemangiopericytomas: These are rare malignant meningeal Tumours. They grow quickly and are likely to spread within the brain and spinal cord. Grade III meningiomas are more common in men. Hemangiopericytomas often recur after treatment and most of them spread to other parts of the body.


Treatment of meningiomas may include the following:

  1. Surgery with or without radiation therapy.
  2. Radiation therapy for Tumours that cannot be removed by surgery.

Treatment of malignant meningioma may include the following:

  1. Surgery plus radiation therapy.
  2. A clinical trial of external radiation therapy plus hyperthermia therapy or new methods of delivering radiation therapy.
  3. A clinical trial of new anticancer drugs and/or biologic therapy following radiation therapy.











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