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Mixed Gliomas

Mixed gliomas are brain Tumours that contain more than one type of cell. The prognosis is affected by the cell type with the highest grade present in the tumour.

    • Oligoastrocytoma (grade II): Oligoastrocytomas are slow-growing Tumours composed of cells that look like astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.
    • Anaplastic oligoastrocytoma (grade III): These are higher-grade oligoastrocytomas. The average age of patients developing anaplastic oligoastrocytomas is 45 years.

Treatment of mixed gliomas may include the following:

    1. Surgery plus radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy.
    2. A clinical trial of external radiation therapy plus hyperthermia therapy or new methods of delivering radiation therapy.
    3. A clinical trial of new anticancer drugs or biologic therapy following radiation therapy.









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